The struggle is real.

The struggle is real.

Tove Lo shared a glimpse of the second installment of Lady Wood during her live set at Coachella this weekend. The Swedish singer played a new song titled “The Struggle,” a nod to obnoxious Internet slang. “I guess it’s about me just being fed up with myself… not getting over [my] ******** problems,” she told the audience.

“My worry after the first record was that I wasn’t going to be able to be as personal and open because I was scared because of all the reactions,” she said in one of the album’s mini films named Fairy Dust. “I got a lot of love for being honest and being raw and vulnerable and admitting to mistakes, but there were also a lot of mean comments that my mom always seems to keep finding on the internet.”

The first edition dealt with themes of love, fame and drugs. “I realized I spend my life chasing rushes, whether it’s love or being on stage or drugs. [The album is] like every different stage of that rush.” Looks like Lady Wood Part II is more emotional.

Catch “The Struggle” below:

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