Tove Lo highlights several ‘Lady Wood’ tracks in her new short film.


Tove Lo highlights several Lady Wood tracks in her new short film titled ‘Fairy Dust.’

The clip kicks off with the Swedish singer laughing hysterically as she makes her way up to a motel room, but the cackling turns into uncontrollable sobbing. It’s a wide array of emotions in a short amount of time, much like the songs featured on her new LP. She’s seen partying, having a romp in the sheets and living wild & carefree.

“My worry after the first record was that I wasn’t going to be able to be as personal and open because I was scared because of all the reactions,” she previously said. “I got a lot of love for being honest and being raw and vulnerable and admitting to mistakes, but there were also a lot of mean comments that my mom always seems to keep finding on the internet.”

“I realized I spend my life chasing rushes, whether it’s love or being on stage or drugs. [The album is] like every different stage of that rush.”

Some of the songs featured in the film include the lead single “Cool Girl,” the album title track, “True Disaster” and “Vibes” featuring Joe Janiak.


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