Tove Lo shares the video as a standalone clip.



Tove Lo cut the harrowing “True Disaster” car wreck scene out of the Fairy Dust mini film and plopped it onto Vevo as a standalone clip to promote the song as the next official Lady Wood single.



Tove Lo’s next single off Lady Wood is “True Disaster,” HeadlinePlanet reports.

Keep playing em like…


Tove Lo will play your heart strings on new song “True Disaster.”

Tove Lo’s new album Lady Wood is gearing up to be one of the best pop releases of the year, and I mean it. After “Cool Girl,” I was bit underwhelmed. Turns out, it needed a little more of my undivided attention, and in a world where we’re bombarded with new music constantly, it’s tough. Then the Swedish singer slapped me in my stupid face with her hazy Wiz Khalifa-assisted track “Influence.” OK, she’s got my attention.

Now I’m fully prepared for anything Lady Wood-related, including the studio version of “True Disaster,” which she live-premiered at a Maroon 5 show last month. You know those girls with braided hair who close their eyes and sway around at music festivals? That’s how I picture myself when hearing the track.

“Keep playing my heart strings / Faster and faster / You can be just what I want,” Tove Lo sings over a pulsating electronic beat. “My true disaster.”

Listen here:

Lady Wood drops Oct. 28.

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