No not Britney’s initials, I mean BS as in ******** (Jamie & Lynne should have thought that through a little better. Ah screw it I can’t imagine her having any other name. How did I get on this subject?).

It’s time to gather all the lame tabloid stories of the day and publish them in one post for your convenience; it’ll turn that frown upside down (Jesus what did Starbucks spike my coffee with this morning? [and what’s with all the parenthesis today. Focus.])

First off we have the always trusty NY Post claiming Jamie Lynn “is in danger of heading down the same road as her sister, Britney, who Jamie Lynn calls ‘her crazy sister.'” I don’t see the harm in workin’ and bein’ a mama. Guess that’s not what they mean… A Louisiana source tells the NY Post: “She only has Diet Coke in the house. How redneck is that?” They used that quote not me. “As for her engagement to Casey Aldridge, the spy adds, “I doubt that’ll ever happen. Her mama [Lynne] doesn’t like him and thinks she can do better. They don’t want him anywhere near [Jamie Lynn’s] cash.”

On the one hand you have OK! magazine exploiting a young 17 year old girl portraying this whole ordeal as super positive, and on the other hand you have these trashy tabs portraying the pregnancy in the worst possible light. Find me a happy medium, please.

Second we have the always trusty National Ledger, who’s reporting that the next scheduled custody hearing between Britney and Kevin starts August 25th. Loyola Law School professor Charlotte Goldberg (who’s not involved with the case) tells NL, “If Britney wants to change the custody arrangement, she’ll have to show her lifestyle is stabilized.” She had to go to law school to figure that out? The site continues to say: “Insiders says that “dad of the year” Kevin Federline wants his ex-wife and the mother of his children to get better and “to be as healthy as possible before she spends more regular time with the boys.”

And finally, is reporting that Britney’s reputation has improved 9% according to their annual Summer Pop Culture Poll. Whatever the hell that means. Topping the list is new mom Nicole Richie with the most-improved reputation at 43%, followed by Mel Gibson at second place with 22%, and Tom Cruise rounding out the top 3 with 21%. ***** please, Tom Cruise is still the nuttiest.

If at the end of reading this you said “who cares?” then you are in good company. Think that Starbucks is wearing off…

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