Iggy Azalea shines on a remix of Total Ape’s “In A Haze.”


Iggy Azalea shines on a remix of Total Ape’s “In A Haze.”


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Swedish production duo Total Ape dropped their new EP, In A Haze. The title track gets a sparkly remix featuring the Australian rap princess.

“In A Haze” was actually meant to land on Camila Cabello’s debut album, but when that fell through… Total Ape sent it to Iggy, who loved the track so much she decided to put her personal spin on it.

If “In A Haze” sounds familiar, it’s because Iggy jumped the gun and uploaded it to her SoundCloud last year for several days before taking it down. It became a fan-favorite, inspiring Total Ape to give it some official TLC.


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“I been caught up in you and the things you doing / And I can’t lie to ya, I don’t even mind,” Iggy spits. “I been tryna get used to how fast life been moving / And looking for something outside this money to call mine / Tell me, tell me, tell me maybe could you be that?”

The In A Haze EP also features K Stewart, Nitty Scott, Nico & Vinz and Karol G.


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