We’ll tell you what we know.


“People preoccupied with so many things… so when you get their attention for that second, it better be good, because then they turn away from it.”

FHB has our attention.

We don’t know much about them, and that’s the way they want it. BreatheHeavy.com was told this artist is hiding under the guise because they want everything to be about the music coming out of the gate — keeping race, age, gender, looks, and history out of the picture. The artist involved in this project was adamant about truly being judged on the music, and not letting outside factors influence the audience’s perspective.


We were asked to check out their latest song, “Beyoncé,” featuring J.R. (who recently released “Best Friend” featuring Trey Songz) and though we don’t know who they are, we can’t deny the song is a hit.

“Beyoncé” marks FHB’s first single, and we’re told the artist has a lot of other music ready to go.

In the Raffael Dickreuter-directed lyric video, you see glimpses of the artist through a vibrant and glitchy digital visual. Again, the focus is on the music and not their looks.

Spend some time here:

Who could it be? Let us know what you think about “Beyoncé” in Exhale.