Lady Gaga has plans to jazz up her Super Bowl halftime show.


Lady Gaga has plans to jazz up her Super Bowl halftime show.

Gaga announced earlier this month she’s the headlining performer at the Super Bowl, but warned the media not to inquire too much, because mum’s the word.

“I will not be letting anyone know any single thing about the Super Bowl until it happens. You can ask me but I’m never going to answer,” she told Rolling Stone last week.

“Maybe I have something small planned. Maybe I’ll just do a lemonade stand. That would really upset people though – I won’t do that, don’t worry.”

Looks like we’ll have to rely on rumors until the big day, like this new report from the NY Daily News which claims the pop star wants to perform a duet with her Cheek To Cheek co-star Tony Bennett.

“At the top of her list is incorporating Tony in the set,” an industry source tells them.

The Super Bowl halftime show is typically a high-energy, no holds barred spectacle, but that’s all a perfect illusion.

“The issue would be fitting in a classic standard with the upbeat pop show she is planning, but Tony is still energetic and boasts one of the greatest voices ever,” the source continued of involving the 90-year-old jazz legend. “There is no two ways about it — a duet would be one of the greatest moments ever in halftime show history.”

Gaga is also eyeing to feature the Rolling Stones. “Mick (Jagger) and Keith (Richards) are on a promo push for their new album and they share the same label (Universal), so anything could happen,” the source said.

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