An X17 source tells us Britney’s former bodyguard Tony Barretto, tried to extort money from Brit just a couple months ago, not long after he was fired!

Barretto, who appeared in court yesterday as a potential witness testifying to Britney’s alleged poor parenting skills, allegedly told Britney he’d go public with an allegedly fabricated story about Britney abusing or neglecting her children if she didn’t pony up some dough.

As Britney felt confident in her parenting skills, she didn’t take Barretto’s threats seriously but it seems the big guy was intent on telling his ‘story.’


Alli was caught yesterday by the paparazzi, and of course they asked her about the custody.

Laura Wasser, Britney’s ex lawyer speaks to the paparazzi. She says “Britney’s fine.” and that she “feels like she’s finished the job.” She also says Tony Barretto is “not a reliable witness.”

ps – I’m glad Jamie Lynn went to the JT show last night =)

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