Quite a return!

This is quite a return!

We haven’t had new music from Toni Braxton since her 2012 collaborative studio album with Babyface, Love, Marriage & Divorce, but that’s all changed now.

Braxton’s body is snatched on the cover art for new single, “Deadwood,” but her vocals are the real star here. The slinky song serves as the first single off Braxton’s forthcoming album, *** & Cigarettes.

“Think you got me good / Left me like some deadwood / I may be down but I’ll turn it round,” Braxton sings over a stick and sweet guitar melody and violins. “Just wanna let you know I won’t let this one go.”

*** & Cigarettes is more about me feeling ****, independent, and expressing my feelings,” she tells Essence. “I think for a long time I felt I had to make certain records, but now I want to just be free! I don’t want to be censored, I just want to focus on being an artist and creating good quality music that people can relate to.”

There’s no denying that “Un-Break My Heart,” which found the singer lamenting over loss of love, is her claim-to-fame, but there’s something refreshing about “Deadwood” in that it’s not resorting to a formula that she knows would resonate. She’ll be competing with the likes of EDM house jams and rap features galore, but this should perform well.


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