The summer anthem gets a sick club remix.

Todd Terry Remixes Demi Lovato's "Cool For the Summer": Listen

Todd Terry adds a dreamy club element to Demi Lovato’s summer song.

While we eagerly await Demi Lovato’s latest “Cool For The Summer” music video out July 23, Grammy Award nominated DJ/Producer Todd Terry transforms Lovato’s cool jam to something much hotter. Terry adds a head-pounding beat in replace of the song’s keyboard instrumentation, building it up with echoing synths and vocals before busting into the chorus.

“I really liked the freedom I got from Demi and her team,” Terry told Billboard. “They told me to go make a version that I would play out in one of my sets versus focusing on a radio-friendly mix. That was refreshing and I think that being able to fully approach it with doing what was best for the track for club play really made this remix rock.”

Take a listen here: