Sam Lutfi faces poor press furthering his reputation as “libel-proof” after new claims surface alleging he’s harassing Lindsay Lohan, reports TMZ.

Lindsay is receiving “ominous” text messages from someone who claims to be “watching her,” says the site. In an effort to protect Lindsay, the Betty Ford Clinic is moving Lindsay to a “more secure” location.

TMZ claims Lutfi is in close contact with Linday’s father, Michael Lohan.


“In at least one text Lutfi sent to Lindsay, he falsely identifies himself as “Mike from TMZ” and warns her to distance herself from Dina Lohan. The phone number on the text goes right back to Lutfi.”

Lutfi denies the harassment claims, saying Lindsay is represented by the same people Britney is and they’re after him.

Sources close to Lindsay say she doesn’t know Lutfi at all, and her team has warned Lutfi to stay away.

UPDATE: Michael Lohan tells the reports from TMZ are false, saying:


“No, not at all. Communicating, yes. But stalking no way. Has hasn’t even been to Palm Springs. The stalking was done by someone around the sober house Lindsay lives in. Sam, like others, including me, has been the victim of a smear campaign so people could control Britney, just as it was done to me with Lindsay. Do the math. Are people that stupid and blind?”

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