New reports from claim Jamie’s team is taking the necessary steps to end the conservatorship over Britney herself, but Fair News Spears says otherwise.

TMZ said lawyers and others involved in the conservatorship case have been meeting to evaluate Britney’s progress with the hopes to end the conservatorship, but according to new reports, “no motions have been made and no documents have been filed to indicate that the conservatorship is coming to an end soon.”

“If there is a motion to terminate there would be a document on file. There isn’t any,” says the deputy public information officer of the Los Angeles Superior Court, Vania Stuelp, who works closely with Judge Reva Goetz, the judge on Britney’s conservatorship case.

Stuelp and Goetz meet to discuss court cases so that public officer Stuelp is prepared to speak with media outlets and the public.

Stuelp continues saying if there WERE proceedings going on to terminate the conservatorship that she would expect to be notified.

An attorney for the conservatorship, Geraldine Wyle, plans to clear up at the next hearing a misprint in the court documents claiming Britney died.

No other documents have been filed since Nov. 6, 2009, which was a supplement related to an accounting matter held on Dec. 3, confirms Stuelp.

TMZ is claiming lawyers and handlers are meeting to end the conservatorship over Britney, but the last conservatorship review was canceled last August as there was “nothing to talk about.”

Then why keep Britney in the conservatorship if everything is OK?

THAT review would have entailed a decision by Judge Goetz as to whether Britney would be allowed to testify in a case in Florida, but that case was mysteriously settled and dismissed in July.

“No conservatorship reviews have been scheduled since,” according to Fair News Spears.

So who’s telling the truth? Will Britney be freed from this conservatorship soon? or does her team simply want fans to think they’re doing their part by dissolving the conservatorship after the tour ended as promised?

What’s really going on?

“The public may see what is happening in the court by visiting the Los Angeles court online. The case number is BP108870. The case number involving Kevin Federline, Spears’ ex-husband, and their children is BD455662. Spears currently has no legal custody of her children. She received a visitation-only arrangement under the conservatorship.”

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