Now get to work *****.


Chilli is sharing how to get six-pack abs, but you gotta work for it.

On Tuesday, Chilli coached a workout at the Beachbody headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif., to launch her new CIZE dance routine with fitness expert Shaun T. She recorded a song titled “Body” for the endeavor, hoping it’d inspire motivation for people who don’t enjoy working out.

“I just kind of thought about working out and your body and how hard it is for people to work out and stay on that path, and those were the lyrics,” Chilli told Billboard. “So when I talked to the producer, Javon, and the other writer, Minka, I would just tell them exactly what I wanted to say, and I said, ‘The beat has to make people want to dance.’ That’s how it came to life.”

Chilli’s danced her entire life and wants to share the movements she credits to keeping her in shape. “It doesn’t feel like a workout at all,” she said. “So people will push themselves, especially when you have good music. That’s why when people are working out, they’re listening to their music, their favorite songs. It kind of pushes them along the way.”

She also took a moment to update fans how the new fan-funded TLC album is coming along. Last January, she and T-Boz urged fans to donate towards their $150,000 target goal on Kickstarter to fund their fifth and final album. The duo opted out of label support, so their fans stepped in and helped the ladies reach their goal and then some. They ended up amassing $430,000 with a $5,000 donation from Katy Perry. They promised an album towards the end of 2015, but in November, they updated their Kickstarter page with a message saying it won’t drop now until 2016.

“We’re trying to finish up the album, and after today, [it will be] day in, day out, just getting this album done,” she said, offering a small hint about what’s to come that will surely please the many CrazySexyCool fans out there. “I’ll just say this: We’re bringing back our interludes. We’ve come up with some really fun, funny stuff for people to enjoy.”

Now get to work *****!