TLC Makes A Comeback With New Song “Way Back” Featuring Snoop Dogg

Some things don’t ever change.

Some things don’t ever change.

In January 2015, T-Boz and Chili of TLC set up a Kickstarter page with a goal of $150,000 to fund their fifth and final album. The duo opted out of label support, so their fans stepped in and helped the ladies reach their goal and then some. They ended up amassing $430,000, which included a $5,000 donation from Katy Perry. The ladies promised an album towards the end of 2015, but later updated fans that they were “moving the album back to 2016, so that we will have more time to finish the record the TLC way.” 2016 came and went, and clearly no TLC album.

TLC’s longtime manager, Bill Diggins, has shared several updates in recent weeks. He says the record will drop June 30th, and that its 4000+ backers will receive an advanced copy. Diggins also explained what’s taking so long:

“It took a lot more time to coordinate schedules with writers, TLC’s executive producer Ron Fair and recording sessions than anticipated. I could go on in more detail to explain how TLC’s touring, schedule, writing schedule and producing schedule was delayed but the simple fact is that Tboz & Chilli were inspired to make a record that they could be proud of and they would not settle for less and sometimes you just cannot rush art. They demanded of themselves a record that would stand up to the great body of work created in the past and that you would be proud of; because your belief and support is the greatest form of love and we want you to be proud.”

The girls added the record “will stay true to the TLC sound, always confronting the real issues and life experiences that we all must face every single day, everywhere. We write music that people relate to…timeless music. No matter the trends, we feel like our music is always relevant.”

Here we are. TLC’s new song is finally here. It’s titled “Way Back” and features Snoop Dogg. The duo shared a sneak peek of the song during FOX’s series, “Star.” The cut is the result of a collaborative songwriting effort by T-Boz and James Abrahart (Justin Bieber’s “Company” and Rita Ora’s “Body On Me”). It’s a slow-grooving R&B number that stays true to the pair’s classic sound. It also features the master himself, Snoop Dogg.

Back in October, the duo unleashed a double A-side “Joy Ride / Haters,” but the focus right now is all about “Way Back.” Some other potential cuts for TLC’s fifth studio album include “No Introduction” and “American Gold.”

Listen to the slow burner (via iHeartRadio) below:

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