Tinashe Continues Work On ‘Joyride’ With Diplo

November 23, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Still in the works.

Tinashe's Collaborating With Diplo On Sophomore Record

UPDATE // NOVEMBER 23, 2016:

More than a year ago, news surfaced Tinashe was collaborating with Diplo on her forthcoming record, and not much has changed. The “SuperLove” singer has released the Nightride mixtape since then, but she continues to work on her Aquarius followup.

Diplo shared a video of him working with Tinashe in the recording studio this week, which you can see below.

We’re impatiently awaiting the arrival of Joyride, but at least we still know it’s on the way. All thanks to Diplo.

EARLIER // AUGUST 19, 2015:

Tinashe’s upcoming single is apparently produced by Diplo and out this summer.

We’d like to remind you it’s nearing the end of August. In a surprising but welcome turn of events, producer Diplo reveals he’s working with the “2 On” singer on her forthcoming record – an LP Tinashe says should break records.

“She’s also an international act—she tours all through Europe, she goes to Africa, she goes to Asia—and when she performs live, she wants to keep it uptempo,” Diplo tells Time. “We’re giving her records that feel good. She’s beautiful, she can sing really well, she can dance and she lives right by my studio in Burbank, so it’s not hard to track her down. I really want to do more with her—I really believe in her as an artist.”

Tinashe’s teaming up with Max Martin and Dr. Luke on the album she says sounds like “***.”

“With this album, I have a very much clearer direction going into it of what I wanted as opposed to just shooting darts at the wall,” Tinashe said earlier this year of the new material. “[With Aquarius], I knew what I wanted to do, but everybody that I was working with really had no clue who I was or what I wanted to do. They came up with a lot of stuff that wasn’t necessarily true to me. What I’ve learned with this second album is to not waste time making records that aren’t going to end up on the project. Don’t waste time spending the first day getting to know the producer and just cutting whatever they want. I used to do stuff like that, breaking the ice, and we would end up with a lot of material that I didn’t necessarily want in the end.”