Tinashe is paving the way for a successful album launch.


Tinashe is paving the way for a successful album launch.

The pop star recently released a polished Bae Watch-themed music video for Joyride lead single “SuperLove,” and she’s gearing up to launch an album she tells JET was inspired by “how people embrace music and how they listen to stuff and what they’re in to.”

She also talks about being compared to Queen Bey.

“It’s obviously a lot of pressure because she’s an amazing artist but I think you can only just take it as a compliment,” she says. “I think she’s an incredible woman that I definitely look up to in a lot of ways.”

Yonce hasn’t graced her presence just yet.

“I haven’t met her, but I’ve been to her show like five times. I opened up for her but I didn’t meet her. We shared a stage. And I worked with all her people – her dancers were my dancers and her choreographers were my choreographers, her tour manager is my tour manager but we’ve never crossed paths. But it’s gonna happen!”

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JET mentions people fell in love with her for a sound, for a look. Wou recently tweeted: “I want to grow. I want to be better. We are made to grow. You either evolve or you disappear.”

“I think that’s a challenge that all artists face because, yes, initially people do love you for a particular reason, whether it be a song or something that really inspired them. But as a creative person, we’re always being inspired by new things. We’re always evolving and changing and growing as people too, everyone grows and evolves, and to expect someone to stay the same for their entire life, or their entire career, is pretty simple minded honestly. So as much as yes, you do have to cater to the fans that have been there from the beginning, you also hope that they have enough sophistication to grow and evolve with you, and if not then perhaps you just gain new fans. But as a human being, and as a creative person, there’s always an evolutionary process happening.”

She also details the evolution of the forthcoming album.

“On this album I think there is some because I have traveled the world and I’ve seen so many new cultures. I’ve seen how people embrace music and how they listen to stuff and what they’re in to,” she says. “I think it’s opened my eyes to even breaking down the genre barriers even more, like maybe even stepping outside even more of what people think what R&B is and pushing those boundaries. That’s been really important to me. To make people question what genre is this? Where does this fit?’ That’s been important to me with this album.”

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