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Tinashe recently released her new album, Songs For You, and it’s great. A couple of the highlights include “Perfect Crime,” Story Of Us,” “Save Room For Us,” “Link Up” and “Cash Race.” Unfortunately, the masses didn’t support it like they should’ve.

Songs For You debuted at No. 147 on the Billboard 200 with 6,900 in sales plus streaming (or 830 in pure sales). It debuted on a Thursday, meaning some of the first-day sales aren’t accounted for.

After swimming upstream trying to release Joyride, and then dealing with the subsequent aftermath of it failing to make waves on the Billboard 200, then becoming an independent artist, Tinashe isn’t concerning herself with chart performance this time around. A fan asked her on Instagram if she cares about the charts.

“NAH,” she responded. “Charts = farts.”

Preach! You smell that?

I’m with Tinashe on this one. It’s too exhausting to create music with the sole purpose of smashing the charts. If it performs well, cool, but how many times something is streamed or how high it places on a list does not mean it’s better than other music. It means it was streamed a lot…

What do YOU think? Should Tinashe care about chart performance? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Chart success depends on many things, like many artists being pushed by streaming platforms to the public (I swear Spotify SHOVES me Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift, for example; same with YouTube). And there’s also a lot to say about what STORY each artist is selling. Tinashe is AMAZING, but she’s still bluntly selling *** and people get tired of that from time to time. Her last video rides on a fantastic song but in it she basically wants to seduce and have *** with a guy, period. You cannot expect people (like, the MASSES, from where chart success comes from) consume that all the time, every time. Artists also need to take a good look at themselves from time to time too, and be more self-critical. Miley was on her peak with Bangerz because everything was outrageous, and then she kinda lost it with Younger Now because it was exactly the opposite, but she found a hit with the song Malibu because it was a happy middle and she was being honest. Tinashe needs to open up and give something sincere and different. We already know she could get all the boys she wants. Britney is kinda in the same position, with the difference that she’s freaking loveable and relatable so that somehow gets through in everything she does. OK I vomited words I’m sorry.

    1. And OF COURSE Tinashe and all the other artists care about the charts. They need to succeed to keep going, unless they have a sponsorship with a big brand… which comes after you’re successful.

  2. I mean, what else can she say at this point? It’s like Xtina when she said “she is not a chart chaser” well clearly not but the truth is the general public (or not even your fans) chase YOU enough to chart so there’s that.

  3. 1. It was release on a Thursday so Billboard don’t count the Thursday sales she should release it on Friday but it did however reach #1 on US iTunes top albums

  4. Here are my thoughts since all over you have been waiting for them:
    a) I would be interested in buying this album if it were on vinyl. That’s pretty much the only time I purchase over stream nowadays. But it’s a solid album and tbh I’ve never even been much of a fan. Last I checked, there were no physical albums but of course that costs more money. Am I the only one who would get this on vinyl?
    b) I honestly wouldn’t even know this was released were in not for Breathe Heavy. So, maybe it’ll gain some momentum in a minute. We’ll see.

    1. Oh, and I do remembered an interview with Mya where she talked about selling significantly less albums but since she owns her label, she actually made more money. So, maybe she’s actually doing better?

  5. Personas sell pop music more so now than ever before. The quality of the music doesn’t matter nearly as much as the draw of the artist. Drake or Rihanna can burp into a microphone for 3:20 and that shits gonna stay at #1 for 10 weeks. Tinashe out does her peers in almost every area yet she’s not catering to 16 year olds, so she’s not going to be topping the charts. Case and point back in 2018 when the “cash me outside“ girl and lil yachty outperformed Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato on the Hot 100… CHART SUCCESS DOES NOT EQUATE TO TALENT. It’s about how an artist connects to the consumer driving the industry at any given time. Keep doing you Tinashe, churning out bops and phenomenal choreography.

  6. Okay so here’s the real tea – I think. It’s cause she looks basic af. You can have the most amazing set of pipes, you can wear the coolest clothes, you can be as good a dancer as Britney (in her prime), but she looks like an average girl. Her face, I mean. Now I am NOT SAYING she is ugly. She isn’t. I think she’s… okay. And that’s the problem right there. She’s just.. okay. She doesn’t have that oomph. If there’s one thing I learned from watching America’s Next Top Model in my teens, is that you can’t just have a pretty face. Tyra’s always looks for a face that stands out. That has edge. The editorial face. Even Adele who’s a big woman, is REALLY stunning. And if you wanna be a POPSTAR, you gotta look the part. Even if there are popstars popping up all over the world, there is still a standard and your face is definitely a big part of it. Which is why all these D-List popstars like Charli XCX, after trying them for a while, they lost me eventually. I never found it in me to stan because they’re just… basic *******. Wannabes who cater to wannabes. I want my popstars to own the world and be like Regina George who only hangs out with the cool people and walks all over them and not play second fiddle to a COOLER chick like how Camila and Charli always plays as Taylor’s posse. I want Taylor in “Taylor and Friends”. I don’t want the friends. That’s the kind of popstar I want. I said what I said.

    1. And for all the love that I have for Tinashe, I love her. Only because she is SUCH a Britney stan. I will always love her for that. But that is also why I don’t stan her or induct her to my popstar faves list. I don’t want my popstars to stan other popstars. I want them to support my faves but not STAN (literally). REAL STARS DO NOT STAN. They admire. They have crushes. They get inspired. BUT NOT STAN. It’s icky for a popstar to stan cause that just makes you look like a fan who’s there for a meet and greet at the Academy Awards instead of being an actual nominated guest – you know what I’m saying?

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