She also admits being hesitant to jump on a song with Nick Jonas.


Tinashe was skeptical to jump on a song with Nick Jonas.

Word on the street claims Tinashe has plans to release her new album Joyride on Jan. 29. Until then, mum’s the word. Sort of.

The “Party Favors” singer left a comment on the lyrics page of Nick Jonas’ “Jealous” remix which she’s featured on. In it, she dished about her hesitation collaborating on a Nick Jonas song, but after the first listen was down.

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“When Nick initially reached out to ask me to be a part of this song I wasn’t fully convinced,” she said. “I actually had to hear this song and then I was like, ‘Oh yeah, absolutely.’ For me that is always what it comes down to, creating really great music.”

Golf claps to the 22-year-old for carefully thinking about who she wants to align herself with musically, but now we’re throwing side-eye at the Chris Brown collaboration on “Player.”

She adds pop music is missing R&B, but appreciates Ariana Grande’s attempts to bring it back. She also credits Adele for reviving the genre, which at first glance we disagreed with, but we’ll keep an open mind.

“I could go on a whole rant about R&B missing from pop music right now, but I like that people are trying to slowly kind of bring it back in their own way, like Ariana Grande,” she continued. “You could even consider Adele to be R&B-ish in a way. So enjoy the influences and the cross-blending of genres, but to me there still needs to be way bigger representation of R&B as a genre in mainstream music.

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