Is Tinashe behind the latest leak?


A new Joyride cut found its way online Saturday night.

Tinashe’s eyeing a No. 1 album when she puts forth her upcoming album this spring, and one of the songs off of it, “Secret,” produced by DJ Mustard, is a good indicator she’s on track.

Tinashe sings about risking it all when it comes to love in the vibey song, a sentiment she carries over into her career. In a recent sit-down with Spin, the “Player” singer says she leaked her own music because her label was dragging its heels.

Tinashe: “There Can’t Be Five Black Girls Winning”

“I basically leaked the song. I wasn’t supposed to put it out,” she said of “Party Favors” landing online ahead of schedule. “But I knew if I didn’t just put something out, I ran the risk of continuing to push back my singles and my whole process. I’ve got the songs, I need to put them out, I need people to hear them. I was just like, ‘F**k it. I’m putting it on SoundCloud.’ So that’s what I did, and then they had to follow up. They’re like,” — here, she mimes scrambling motions — “’We’ve got to put it on iTunes!’ That started the momentum and then we were able to put out the real single [“Player”].” A rebellious move, eh? “Yeah, but who knows? I’m not trying to diss my label because they’re awesome and they’re very supportive of me, but again it’s like, they’re playing a guessing game because you never know what’s the right thing to do. I felt like we were going in circles. People were arguing over which song should we put out first, what’s the first look. Sometimes it’s better to just force people to make a decision and be like, ‘You have to decide. No more wishy-washy.’”

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Perhaps she’s behind “Secret?” We’d like to believe so.

The song appears the same-day Mustard announced he has a collaboration dropping on Friday, Jan. 8. we imagine it’s Tinashe’s “Secret, but we could be wrong.

Listen below:

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