Stream Tinashe’s New Mixtape ‘Nightride’

November 3, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Tinashe says this is the “beginning one the journey.”


UPDATE // NOVEMBER 3: Tinashe worked tirelessly all year to figure out a proper date to release her forthcoming album Joyride. She even dropped a glossy first single for the LP, “SuperLove,” but still no release date in sight. Instead of waiting for who knows how long, the R&B crooner is bridging the gab with a new mixtape titled Nightride, which is officially out after mad speculation (take a walk down memory lane with the updates below).

“Nightride is my newest full-length project. I have been working on it quietly for nearly two years, alongside Joyride,” Tinashe said in a note to fans on Thursday (Nov. 3).

She adds:

“This is the beginning of the journey, one piece of the puzzle that makes me who I am both as an artist and as a human. Being human is about embracing the many different sides of you rather than trying to limit, label, or box yourself in… Nightride is an expression of that duality. I’m so exited to share the first side with you now.”

The mixtape is available to stream via Apple Music below:

#NIGHTRIDE available at midnight

A video posted by TINASHE (@tinashenow) on

#NIGHTRIDE drops at midnight

A photo posted by TINASHE (@tinashenow) on


A video posted by TINASHE (@tinashenow) on

Tinashe just confirmed Nightride will drop on Thursday at midnight EST.

“New full length project available everywhere at midnight #NIGHTRIDE”

The tracklist surfaced with a new photo of the “SuperLove” crooner (see below).


Nightride Tracklist:

1. Lucid Dreaming
2. C’est La Vie
3. Sunburn
4. Binaural Test
5. Sacrificies
6. Company
7. Soul Glitch
8. You Don’t Know Me
9. Spacetime
10. High Speed Chase (Interlude)
11. Ride Of Your Life
12. Party Favors
13. You Can Stay Here Tonight (Interlude)
14. Touch Pass
15. Ghetto Boy


A video posted by TINASHE (@tinashenow) on

Tinashe dropped a teaser onto Instagram with an accompanying clip of her sticking the tip of her tongue onto a flame. Neat party trick.

Listen above.


A photo posted by TINASHE (@tinashenow) on

Tinashe’s Nightride mixtape didn’t drop last Thursday as predicted, but it does exist and will reveal itself soon.

The pop star shared what fans think is the cover art on her Instagram today (Oct. 31). On the cover in tiny font it reads: “I can no longer sleep” and “pretend to sleep.”

It also has the word “Awake,” leading fans to believe that will be the first release.

We’re still figuring out the meaning of the “3” on her forehead – symbolism for a third eye?

That’s not concrete evidence on its own, but fortunately Paper magazine confirmed it. “@tinashenow stopped by the office today to tell us about something HUGE…stay tuned! #NightRide”

In the photo below, Tinashe is rumored to be holding an iPod which contains the new music. She was also filmed giving one to a fan. See below:

@tinashenow stopped by the office today to tell us about something HUGE…stay tuned! #NightRide

A photo posted by Paper Magazine (@papermagazine) on

Word on the street is Nightride drops Friday (Nov 4).


What’s Joyride?

Tinashe has faced an uphill battle for nearly two years with her label trying to work out a release date for her forthcoming album. She’s managed to stay very relevant on the scene though. In recent months, Tinashe has collaborated with Far East Movement on “Freal Love,” DaVido on “How Long,” KDA on “Just Say” and she just recorded a feature for a remix of Britney Spears’s “Slumber Party.”

Eventually, the “SuperLove” singer will have more concrete plans as to when her album drops, but as of now it’s still very much up in the air. “If I could answer that question, my album would probably be out by now,” she said earlier this month of a release date. “The creative process has its ebbs and flows, politics… It’s coming out when it’s comes out.”

That’s the driving force behind what appears to be a new mixtape from the budding pop star.

The rumor sprouted from a Twitter account purported to be Tinashe’s grandmother (which follows BreatheHeavy so hey) claiming the mixtape titled Nightride will premiere tonight:


Several other outlets say so as well, claiming Sirius XM’s Heat broke the news.

Tinashe’s also used several star emojis on Twitter today. A signifier for Nightride?

Think Tinashe got tired of waiting? Stay tuned…

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