“I couldn’t as an artist get behind these lyrics.”

Tinashe opens up about an unsavory experience recording music with RCA.

The “Company” singer has had her fair share of industry struggles since breaking onto the scene. Fans have anticipated her forthcoming album Joyride for quite some time, but for one reason or another it’s consistently pushed back. To appease fans, she dropped a mixtape titled Nightride, a prequel to the upcoming LP if you will, and can’t fully answer why her album hasn’t dropped yet.

Perhaps this new audio recording will shed some light onto the ongoing saga.

Tinashe makes a brief cameo on a new episode of actress Lena Dunham’s podcast series Women of the Hour. She details a harrowing encounter with studio execs pressuring her to record lyrics she felt disjointed to.

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“When the song started going in a direction theme-wise that I wasn’t particularly fond of, I said: ‘Hey, maybe we can try something from a different perspective.’ I was never one to not voice my opinion. My note seemed to be brushed off. Everyone else felt that the concept was… genius.”

“I wanted to be respectful, so I thought, ‘OK, maybe we can work on this idea for awhile, and then we can create something that is more in my wheelhouse later. My A&R from my record label was there, and I, as a new artist, with no hit to my name, felt an unspoken pressure to allow everyone else in the room to take the lead.”

She explains pulling her A&R aside to express how uncomfortable she felt.

“I did not want to record this song. I didn’t mean to be difficult or to waste anyone’s time, but I couldn’t, as an artist, get behind these lyrics.”

During Tinashe’s experience, she recalls bursting into tears and feeling utterly defeated.

“I also couldn’t help but feel that this would never have been the reaction if some of my male peers had expressed how they felt. Why was I as as young woman treated more as though I had won some type of prize in being here? Maybe a beauty contest or a popularity contest and not with the full respect as an artist.”

She goes on to say she caved and begrudgingly ended up recording the song that she “hated,” but the ordeal taught her a very valuable lesson: the ability to express her feelings.

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