Tinashe and label RCA have parted ways.

Tinashe is incredibly talented, and the general public deserves to know that. Her rise to stardom is nothing to scoff at, but she should be a main pop girl right now. One of the biggest roadblocks was her relationship with RCA, but according to the singer’s longtime manager, Mike Nazzaro, she and RCA are no longer in cahoots.

The Internet suspected RCA dropped Tinashe after the singer mysteriously vanished off the label’s online roster, but Nazarro insists that’s not the case.  “She wasn’t dropped,” Nazzaro tells Rolling Stone. “We initiated for her to be released. It was a positive split for her. It’s giving her back creative control.” He adds the split “took a little while to figure out,” but has been a done deal for “a month or so.”

Tinashe hasn’t shied away from her strained relationship with RCA. She told Billboard last year before releasing Joyride that RCA didn’t quite know how to manage her music because she didn’t necessarily fit into either pop or R&B. There were so many delays with that album she ended up dropping a mixtape titled Nightride in 2016, with songs selected for Joyride, just to appease the fans. “There were definitely moments where I was like, ‘F–k. This *****. This is not going the way I wanted it to. This is embarrassing. I feel like a failure,’ ” she says. “It’s not like you get an endless amount of shots at this. 

Nazzaro says it’s “been a respectful separation on both sides.” “Her relationship with RCA was a long-term relationship, but they needed space,” he continues. “It was time to part ways.” 

He added: “She’s excited for this next step in her career. We’re trying to decide now, if we want new partners, who the next ones will be.”

Tinashe confirmed the news on Instagram along with a video of her celebrating the separation.

Why is this good news?

At the moment, Tinashe is independent. Meaning, she has far more control over how and when she releases music. If she remains unsigned, her biggest hurdles will be funding for future projects and promotion, however it’s worth mentioning that RCA failed her when it came to promotion. They’re a vehicle that could’ve launched her to new heights, but… didn’t.

With RCA, Tinashe was also pressured to release music that she didn’t want to, like “Flame,” or the Chris Brown collab. That will also no longer be the case if she remains independent.

In a 2018 interview with Larry King, Tinashe said she’s hard at work on a new album and anticipates its release some time in 2019.

“I’ve accumulated a good body of work right now,” Tinashe said, adding that she was working on the record nearly every day. “I don’t want to rush this project. I think with my last album I had a lot of expectations cause I told people that it was coming, and there was a lot of discrepancies with my label… I just don’t want to have that kind of pressure going into this project.”

She added: “I’m really kind of just letting the music takes me where it takes me.”

Whether Tinashe signs with a new label, like Republic, or chooses to side-step that aspect altogether, she’ll still have the uphill battle of exposing her new tunes to the masses. Tinashe has remained very outspoken about her desire for mainstream success like some of her idols, including Britney, Beyonce and Xtina, but independent or not she can’t make people like her. Releasing quality, innovative music in a creative manner will be a step in the right direction, and it sounds like she has the freedom now to do so.

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