Expect a new album from Tinashe next year.

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Stop. That’s rude. I could audibly hear you scoff at that, but according to T, she will in fact release a new project in 2019.

The singer is very aware of the backlash from her lengthy Joyride era. In case you’ve been living under a very large rock, T had an extremely difficult time releasing it because of label politics.

Perhaps she and RCA have worked things out, because the “2 On” singer is confident the new LP will drop next year.

Tinashe answered a rapid-fire round of questions in a new interview with Larry King (who interrupts her almost every time she answered – a kii).

“I’ve accumulated a good body of work right now,” Tinashe said, adding that before her stint on Dancing With The Stars, she was working on the record nearly every day.

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“I don’t want to rush this project. I think with my last album I had a lot of expectations cause I told people that it was coming, and there was a lot of discrepancies with my label… I just don’t want to have that kind of pressure going into this project.”

She added: “I’m really kind of just letting the music takes me where it takes me.”

It’s also worth mentioning right now there is no title to the album nor a theme… yet.

Watch below:

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