Tinashe: ‘Joyride’ Delays Have “Shaken My Belief System”

September 21, 2016 By Jordan Miller

The singer opens up to Nylon.

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Fame is rattling Tinashe’s fierce sense of self, but only a little.

One of music’s fastest rising super stars is opening up to Nylon about the qualms of superstardom. Tinashe, who is on the cusp of releasing her forthcoming album Joyride (rumored to drop next month), details the darker parts of the music industry, including the business aspect from her label, working with Chris Brown (not her choice) and how it could potentially break her, though she’ll never let it.

On if she thought about leaking her new music: “Yes! Totally! But how is that going to help me? It’s just going to come out and then it’s gone, and then I don’t have the support. No one’s going to be booking me for TV performances, [the label is] certainly not going to help me with my next one. The producers would be mad at me because they wouldn’t have gotten paid. If I just put it on SoundCloud, I’m not getting paid, my label isn’t getting paid. It’s the business aspect. There’s always going to be a difference in opinion because they’re just looking at things from a different side. And I’m not mad at them for it.”

Collaborating with Chris Brown on “Player”: “It wasn’t my decision. That’s what people don’t understand,” she says. “But you know, at the end of the day, I still really respect him as an artist. I think he’s really talented. It was always a goal of mine to collaborate with him at some point.”

The album title Joyride: It symbolizes a “wild car ride” of one’s 20s, she says. “When you’re a young person, you don’t really know what’s going to happen next. You’re just going to take it as it comes. You’re going to have the time of your life while you can and see what happens.”

Her career: “At the end of the day, obviously, my music is number one to me,” she says. “I’d never, ever put my career aside for a man. Ever. So, yeah, there is a level of, ‘I do want you, but I definitely don’t ever need you. Not, like, need-need you. Not, like, really, truly need you. Not, like, need you to survive. I will definitely survive. I’ll thrive, in fact. But you’re a great asset.’”

The downside to fame: “I’ve always been so confident in myself, but there’s so much doubt now in my mind because of what I’ve gone through—so many setbacks, pushbacks, album delays,” she says. “It’s just kind of shaken my belief system. But I still believe, at the end of the day, I’m going to find some way to succeed and be happy. So yes, absolutely. This year is going to be a great year.”

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