UPDATE: Tinashe uploaded an all-dance version of the “SuperLove” video which features rehearsal footage.


UPDATE // AUGUST 23: Tinashe uploaded an all-dance version of the “SuperLove” video which incorporates rehearsal footage of the choreography alongside the actual dance scenes in the vid. Watch:


Tinashe’s music video for “SuperLove” is one of the best pop videos this year.

Cheesy storyline? Cute outfits? Slick choreography? Tinashe’s new visual checks all the marks we want in the Hannah Lux Davis-directed clip. She also enlisted the help of Beyonce choreographer JaQuel Knight, who also crafted dances for Tinashe’s “2 On” and “All Hands On Deck” visuals.

In the new video which premiered today (August 12), Tinashe is a Bay Watch-inspired lifeguard, frolicking on the beach (in slow motion) with her girls until she spots a dashing dude in the sea going under. Naturally, this leads to some mouth-to-mouth and the inevitable *** shaking.

Tinashe said in a new interview this week it was “really important to be hands on in the creative process for everything, from the visuals to the music.”

She added: “I think visuals are a great part, as an artist, to be able to showcase, especially my dance ability because I’ve been dancing my whole life. I’m excited to have that be a part of the video.”


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