Tinashe Drops Stunning Visual For ‘Aquarius’ Cut, “Bated Breath”

March 4, 2015 By Aaron


And here’s the kicker, she directed and produced the whole damn thing herself.

Tinashe is one of the most exciting new artists to come along in a while – sporting an innovative sound, a fresh look and an admirable attitude, the Kentucky born 22 year old goes from strength to strength.

And when things aren’t happening fast enough? She’s not afraid to go out and make them happen herself.

Check out her self-directed and self-funded video for deep-cut “Bated Breath” below:

The video is an 8 minute epic disaster clip, Tinashe the airforce pilot is stranded in the middle of a burnt orange and purple desert, left with no choice but to pose and writhe in the sand. She looks stunning throughout and the videography is a genuinely interesting affair – mixing artistic wides with narrow, color distorted close-ups. It’s easily the “2 On” star’s strongest visual effort yet and one that carries some serious promise of what else she might have stashed up her sleeve.

Even more interesting than the clip, however, is how the video came to be. “Baited Breath” isn’t the next single from 2014’s ‘Aquarius’ that’d be “All Hands on Deck”. In actual fact, Tinashe’s latest project was all done off her own back, and, as revealed in W Magazine, received no label funding.

“I don’t like to sit around waiting for people to do things for me… So when I know my label’s not going to produce music videos, I’ll either make them myself or I’ll find people that I think are cool and reach out to them directly. I’m like, ‘**** it. I’ll just do it.’”

To put the self-directed visual together, Tinashe tracked down filmmaker and fashion photographer Stephen Garnett. Speaking about what it means to carry out this type of project herself, Tinashe said:

“You have to fix your own hair, there’s no catering, and there’s no bathroom, but the challenges became benefits in this case, because they made the video a whole lot grungier. I was incredibly dirty, really dragging myself through the dirt. And it wasn’t like I could shower before I had to drive home.”

It’s interesting and unusual to come across an artist so fired up they’re willing to fund and execute a video of this scale off of their own back. Honestly, the whole thing makes Tinashe an even more exciting artist today than she was yesterday.

What do you think of Tinashe’s new video?