Plus, check out her adorably candid interview with Power 105.1.


We have an idea when Tinashe’s new record drops.

Fans won’t have to wait much longer to hear Tinashe’s upcoming album, “Joyride.” During an interview with Power 105.1 last week, the R&B princess revealed the album will drop early next year — then followed it up with a date set for January during an interview with the Examiner over the weekend.

Tinashe admits she’s recording a lot of the album in her home studio (where she feels most comfortable).

“I’m still recording some new songs there,” she says. “A lot of it is just because I’m really comfortable there (obviously), so I feel like I can really be inspired and more natural… I’ve recorded a lot of stuff in there to just give it that DIY vibe.”

Tinashe briefly mentions her collaboration with Chris Brown on “Player,” and the music video for it just dropped.

In the video directed by Emil Nava (Calvin Harris, Jennifer Lopez, Ellie Goulding), Tinashe battles various “players” through numerous dance styles including tango, contemporary and hip-hop in a video game-esque style. The video concludes with a sensual dance-off with Tinashe and Chris Brown.

She adds she’s wrapping up the album over the holidays.

Watch her new interview below, including where she admits she didn’t have much interaction with Nicki Minaj on tour and whether she feels like this album is Grammy worthy.

Watch the interview below: