Drink, smoke, dance, vibe a little bit.

Tinashe told the pop music formula to go f–k itself. Her new song, “Die A Little Bit,” the first release of Songs For You, finds the singer paving her own lane.

Over an ominous, pulsating beat, Tinashe sings about living it up. The track features a hypnotic pre-chorus, breathy vocals, a slick verse from Ms Banks and a few throwback voiceovers. It’s not what you’d expect, but in a good way.

Sometimes I can’t, but I’ve been told I need to breathe
This life ain’t something for someone like you and me
We just get caught up in the things that we don’t need
Plenty time wasted, what are we waitin’ for?

There’s also a video for it. In it, Tinashe parties and dances in an underground lounge while her fellow patrons drink and smoke. It’s time the world stops sleeping on Tinashe.

Check it out below, then let us know what you think about it in the comments:

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      1. Oh you know what. 😂 HAHAHA I’ve been pretty vocal about it. But y’all please don’t come for me. I stan all pop girls. But I just really want to be slayed. 😵

      1. Selena’s pushes all my pop music lover bottoms UGH! But Tinashe’s is clearly more matured… But yeah whatever I love Selena’s more haha! It just has EVERYTHING! And I honestly think it’s sublime… All the changes in her singing, the voice effects, the fresh sound, the dancey but cool and relaxed vibe, the VISUALS, the video editing, her moves, her team of dancers, the clothes and shut up it’s perfect.

        1. Oh and also maybe I would like Tinashe’s even more if she wouldn’t be so ***-driven… I know I know, this coming from a Britney ******** fan! But Britney always knew her limits and she has a sense of how thin the lines around the subject are… Tinashe is just way too blunt about it for me.

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