This is getting old now…

Iggy Azalea has once again gotten her hands on another up-and-coming artist’s track, this time Tinashe with her club bop “All Hands On Deck”.

The newly remixed single, which was perfectly fine on its own, once again brings the Crunk ‘n’ B sounds of 05/06 into 2015 with ease. The chorus has absolutely no trouble getting me whipping my hair and stripper bouncing my way around the house, so I have no doubt the song should climb the charts pretty quickly once it impacts radio.

As for Iggy’s verse…

It’s nothing special. From the lazy “EHHHGS” announcing her unnecessary arrival, Iggy sounds like she’s on autopilot, check listing the usual rap trademarks in her infamous fake black accent. Is it really worth jumping on someone else’s track to tell everyone how tough you are when you were officially run off social media not even a week ago?

Regardless, Tinashe shines on the track, which will start getting radio play from tomorrow.

What do YOU think of the track, and its new feature?