You’re definitely going to relate to this song.


Is this you?

You might’ve been drunk as hell, but you did experience a moment of clarity standing around the room of laser lights and vodka sodas: ‘WHY AM I HERE?’

The age-old question doesn’t just apply to the Friday night scene, but our entire existence, and Tinashe & Chance the Rapper’s collaboration with London-based production duo Snakehips on their new song titled “All My Friends” details it perfectly.

All my friends are wasted / And I hate this club. Man, I drink too much / Another Friday night I’ve wasted / My eyes are black and red. I’m crawling back to you babe.

The anthemic tune is the realization many of us twenty-somethings ponder momentarily before throwing out our all-too-familiar “no *****” mantra and carry on with the usual weekend festivities. After all, the work week sucked, right?

Today (Nov. 16), the official music video directed by Mister Whitmore dropped, highlighting nightlife in New York City.

Check it out:

Can you relate?