Tinashe says Chris Brown was a dream collaborator, but admits it was her label’s doing.


Tinashe didn’t really want Chris Brown on “Player” either.

Chris Brown is musical kryptonite. Though he’s undeniably talented, he poisons most of the collaborations he finds himself on (hey, Rita Ora), including Tinashe’s “Player,” which failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 (though it peaked at No. 3 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under list). Tinashe offers a grin when she tells ET Canada Brown was “one of my dream collaborators” but added that it wasn’t her decision for this song.

“He heard the record, he really loved the record and it was really just that simple,” she said of how “Player” came about. “It was the label. It wasn’t me,” she not-no-sublty whispered to the interviewer.

Thank you for your honesty.

The latest official offering from Tinashe is “Ride Of Your Life,” but a barrage of leaks off her upcoming album Joyride are plaguing the record’s release. “Well, the album is facing delays, which many albums do, and right now I really don’t know when it’s gonna come out,” she admits. Meanwhile, Tinashe is currently on the Joyride tour. “I just really wanted people to get excited about the album and introduce some new music to them. I got a lot of stuff in store so I just really want people to be excited about it when it drops.”

On Monday, a new song titled “Bullet” surfaced.

“I think that Joyride is an evolution as far as where I’ve grown from with the release of Aquarius. It still feels like it’s in the same place, but I’ve grown a lot just as a person and as an artist in this past couple of years or whatever.”

You can watch her interview here.

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