Under the new terms of the settlement, “that will become a done deal shortly,” according to TMZ.com, Kevin is set to receive more child support, raking in a whopping $20,000 dollars a month of Britney’s money – $5000 more a month then he previously received.

Mark Vincent Kaplan, Kevin’s custody lawyer, is walking away with a pocket full of paper too: “Kaplan, who wanted a trial last month, will now settle and get an additional $250,000 from the bank of Britney.” Oh I’m so glad he settled for that.

“The court has officially vacated the trial date, even though settlement papers have not been filed.” In other words, there will be no big trial.

“All Britney was seeking was a formalization of her increased visitation that she’s obtained over recent weeks, and the additional overnight,” a source said. “She won both of those requests.”

Taking her money away one kid at a time. Time for that album!

Illustration: Gallery of the Absurd

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