Apple pie, satisfy.

Justice for Glory.

Not only did Britney Spears confirm she’s begun recording new material for her tenth studio album, but Time is naming Glory cut “Private Show” the ninth worst song of 2016.

Their words:

Britney Spears has never sounded like more of a caricature of herself than on “Private Show,” an attempt at a perky, minimalist pop track. But the superstar’s girly-girl voice gets distorted in overproduction, while uncomfortable allusions to working a stripper pole feel more forced than enticing.

The recent LP, which the Britney Army dubs one-third of the Holy Trinity (alongside In The Zone and Blackout), deserves critical acclaim for every morsel of flawlessness it contains. Yes, at times in “Private Show” Britney’s vocals are tweaked to the high heavens, but the track’s sole purpose was to promote her fragrance of the same name. For the record, Britney’s perfume line with Elizabeth Arden has grossed over a billion (with a “b”) dollars. Therefore by default, it slays.

Meghan Trainor makes their list twice (ouch) with “No” and “Mom” at #8 and #2 respectively, Iggy Azalea’s “Team” takes #3 and their pick for worst song of 2016? Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

See the full list here.

Listen to “Private Show” below:

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