Is Timbaland threatened? Looks like Britney is already being hyped up for her performance at this year’s Video Music Awards in Las Vegas so much that it is over shadowing any other artist. Timbaland told Access Hollywood he knows nothing about the Britney performance: “I’m the maestro. If I don’t know nothing about it…could be, hope not. I don’t know, I don’t know nothing about it.”

“Wooh, that would be a headache,” he added.

Something doesn’t add up. I call a bluff. Last week on MTV’s TRL, a fan asked Timbaland, on air, whether Britney would perform and his answer was “anything can happen.”

MTV’s reps made no comment when asked.

I think Timbo is just nervous that his and JT’s performance will be outshined. ****, I would be too…

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