“Till The World Ends” Video Gets Great Reviews

April 6, 2011 By Jordan Miller

ANYWAY… Check out some positive reviews of Brit’s new music video for Till The World Ends, directed by Ray Kay!



Remember when Britney Spears threw a sweaty, dirty dance party in an unfinished apartment and slinked around wearing underwear over her pants in 2001’s “Slave 4 U”? Well, the party is back, and it’s as dirty as ever in the clip for “Till the World Ends.”.



The video’s sweaty, at times blinding, yet undeniably enjoyable, adopting many of its key elements from Britney’s coming-of-age “I’m a Slave 4 U.” This time, though, there’s buildings crumbling.



The video for Britney Spears’ new single “Til the World Ends” is basically a dance party set in a bombed-out city on the eve of some kind of apocalypse, which makes perfect sense. It makes a little less sense why only hot, model-looking people in high-end Mad Max gear have made it to see the end of world. Maybe this is a Darwinian thing — only the foxy are strong enough to survive! Either way, this is a good, memorable video.



The clip has other high points: I love what’s happening at about 1:50 when Britney is sitting amongst a posse of sewer dwellers, simply pulsing her shoulders, then flipping her hair. Then comes the best part: that tiny clap-clap-clap she owns, while standing amid the group of urchins. How hot is that? Totally in: tiny claps.