Inspired by a toxic ex-lover.

Canadian pop duo Tiger & Bloom’s new song “Hearts On Fire” is an electro-tinged pop tune about being hypnotized by the dark side of love and evading reality.

The track, which premieres on today, was inspired by a toxic ex-lover.

“The song is about being in an intense passionate relationship, where two young souls connect and think or feel they’re in love, however they’re just enabling each other – making it addicting, yet toxic,” they tell BH. “It’s about being at that point in a relationship where there’s no hope, and you know it’s all wrong, yet you can’t let go. You’d rather fight through the pain, just to have that person around.”
“We feel like anyone listening to the song can relate to this; coming to a point where it’s better to let go, but all you want to do is hold on. Love can be a fiery mess. 

They add: “In a world full hate, fear and political uncertainty, I think more and more people need hope and find beauty and comfort in knowing that you can’t live without this other person whoever it may be in your life. It’s a great feeling to feel that about someone and know they feel it back. It’s what makes you feel alive.”

A warm drum kick and frenetic synths crafted by producer Kevin Dietz engulf their vocals before receding and allowing the duo to take charge.

“The unique thing about ‘Hearts On Fire’ is that it came so unexpectedly. We had initially chosen another song for the single, but ‘Hearts On Fire’ was one that we had written and produced completely on our own. The moment we stepped into the studio, there was a clear direction, and the song really took a life of it’s own and completely came out of left field…we knew it was something special.”

Listen below:

If you like what you hear, there’s more to come. Tiger & Bloom have plans to release a video for the track early this summer, and are currently working on new music that’s expected to drop some time this year.

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