Three New Britney Song Titles Registered

April 25, 2005 By Jordan Miller

New Britney tracks have entered’s database where unreleased/new tracks are listed. Check out below what the tracks are and who produced them.

01. Money, Love & Happiness (Title Code: 431190099)
Performer: Britney Spears
Writters: Bell Michelle Lynn, Britney Spears, Nadir Khayat, Nanna Kristiansson

02. Take Off (Title Code: 501508336)
Performer: Britney Spears
Writters: Bell Michelle Lynn, Britney Spears, Christian Karlsson, Pontus Johan Winnberg

Third Registered Single

Three new Britney song titles have been registered at ASCAP, an association of songwriters which helps publishing companies collect royalties for licensed-out music. The first is a track co-written by Britney with Michelle Bell (co-writer of “I’ve Just Begun” and “Chaotic”) and Bloodshy and Avant, entitled “Take Off,” which is thought to have been considered for “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative,” whilst the second is a new track entitled, “Money, Love & Happiness,” written again by Britney with Michelle Bell, but also with two (as far as we can find) unknown songwriters, named Nadir Khayat and Nanna Kristiansson (these may be alias names, or they may in fact use alias names). The third is a track called “Like I’m Fallin’,” which was again written by Britney with Michelle Bell. The latter two of the three tracks are almost certainly written to be considered for Britney’s fifth studio album.