Last week Britney was featured on zero tabloid covers, so it only makes sense that she re-appear this week on a whopping 4 covers!

Britney is featured on this week’s In Touch Weekly with personal photos of Britney inside her house at The Summit. Hope whoever sold them made a pretty penny… Lame.


I’m going to have to use this, I’m sorry, but it’s only fitting! “She’s Mrs. She’s Too Big Now She’s Too Thin.” Don’t roll your eyes at me! I’m pretty sure 2 months ago they said she was fat. Now she’s too thin. See what I did there? Damn that was poetry! Check out Britney on the latest cover for the National Enquirer: “Suddenly skinny! How stars really lost weight: surgery, drugs or diet.”

I wouldn’t exactly call that “suddenly;” took a few months of hard work! And yes I’d know because I stalk update on the girl every day. Just don’t resort to some havoc end up settlin’ in court!


I never even heard of the word “tryst” until I opened up this site, now she apparently has them every weekend. Alls I know is it’s a club here in Vegas, and it sounds like Triscuit, and I’m hungry. Star Magazine claims Britney and Kevin are having “secret hotel trysts.” Britney can’t even get the mail (does Britney ever get the mail?) without being photographed, let alone meet up with her ex-husband at a hotel and go unnoticed. Oh rats mag…


And finally, look! It’s another lame (London-based) tabloid cover called… Look! Britney claims Justin is “desperate” to get back with her.

Actually, I’ll believe this. Not because I think it’s accurate, but because I like to think Justin IS desperate.

He can’t just produce and collaborate on a track with Britney to get back with her. He has to grow a pair, too.

No covers for People, Us Weekly, OK!, or Life & Style.

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