It was a nice, quiet few weeks there with no tabloids reporting on Britney. Unfortunately, it’s back to business this week.

Life & Style features Britney as their cover story this week, detailing Britney’s Halloween adventures, and the struggles she faces:


It had been ages since Britney Spears could let loose and have a little fun. But on the night of Oct. 31, a shy, smiling Britney – dressed first as an angel in a silver wig and dress, then changing into a witch’s costume – was spotted at not one but two Halloween house parties: one thrown by actress Drew Barrymore and the other by businessman Phil Maloof, a friend of Britney’s.

But the evening was hardly as carefree as it may have seemed. In addition to a group of gal pals keeping an eye on the singer, Brit, 26, had a designated chaperone at both bashes. Her agent, Jason Trawick, escorted her to Drew’s party, and Britney’s father, clad in a ghoulish mask, stuck by her side at Phil’s mansion bash. The reason for their presence, reveals a Spears family insider, was simple: Brit’s dad is still worried that his daughter is not ready to cope on her own.

“He’s not trying to embarrass her,” the insider tells Life & Style. “But he doesn’t think she can handle being out and about by herself yet. So unless she goes out with Jamie or someone Jamie trusts, like Jason, Britney isn’t allowed to go.” His motivations, the insider adds, are personal and professional. “He doesn’t want to see his daughter get hurt – and he really doesn’t want anything to stand in the way of her comeback.”

Another day another drama…

Similarly, the ever-so-reliable National Enquirer is claiming Britney is hearing voices. What’s the big deal? Don’t most people hear voices? WHO SAID THAT!

I probably could go on to have a full-blown conversation by myself, but I’ll just continue to do so in my head. Maybe I’ll make the cover of a tabloid too!

No covers for People, Us Weekly, Star or In Touch Weekly.

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