More amazing tabloid covers on this rainy Wednesday morning in Vegas. I’m actually very displeased. About the rain! I have class in an hour and I have to walk through this ****. Anywayyy.

Britney is featured on a new batch of tabloid covers this week! Goodie! “Britney’s pain: she hates her life,” reads the latest In Touch weekly. Leave it to In Touch to get super dramatic about the situation. Not like I ever do that, Jeeze.

I like Star’s cover only because they used a **** picture of Britney from her Paris Hilton ******* days. Hollywood Bodyguards Tell All! Lucky for us, Britney’s fatass bodyguard already opened his BigMac mouth to the courts last year in his attempt to gain fame and ruin Britney.

No covers for People, Life & Style or Us Weekly.

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