This Week’s Tabloid Mess

Here is this week’s Star Magazine – which features both Britney and Jamie Lynn as cover stories. “Britney just wanted a romantic weekend with a man she still loves,’ says an insider to Star Magazine about Britney and Adnan’s alleged relationship. “When the couple arrived in Sin City, they quickly nixed plans to hae dinner with her friends the Maloofs, so they could stay in their suite at The Mirage hotel and spend quality time together…” Hmmm, and pigs fly. Click to view:


Unfortunately, In Touch Weekly had more of the same Milky Bowl Of Soup ******** to gossip about this week. “He’s been seeing Britney again for a while now,” a friend of Adnan’s tells In Touch. “He loves her and says that Britney is his girlfriend. He believes she’s his soulmate,” says a source. Don’t you have to actually have a soul to have a… soulmate? Click to view:


And according to this week’s Life & Style, Britney and Justin are back together! OK they didn’t say that, but they DO talk about Britney and Justin working together in the studio. Pretend that this rumor wasn’t already confirmed as false, k? “They’re planning to record a duet – a dance track – for her new album,” says an insider close to Britney. “She’s strong again – and she wants Justin to see that. Musically, she wants to blow him away.” Glad they didn’t say “In reality, she wants to blow him away,” cause that would have made things a little awkward. Wait, did I just make things awkward? Click to view:

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