Alton Towers victim to meet the band, Zayn’s first nom against 1D, and Zayn goes green.


A theme park accident victim will meet One Direction after fans campaign for her to attend concert.

Never a dull week with 1D.

Let’s start with the nice story. One Direction have reached out to a fan of theirs who tragically had her leg amputated after a freak accident at Alton Towers theme park on June 2nd. Fans took to twitter to inform the band that the fan could no longer attend one of their recent tour dates due to her injuries. A few days later, the news reached the guys:

Now, Billboard reports One Direction have offered Leah Washington the ultimate gift:

“Unfortunately because of their schedule they can’t visit her in hospital, but they have offered Leah tickets to a forthcoming concert of her choice when she has recovered, and will be delighted to meet her backstage then,” the band’s reps said.

The band also filmed a video message for the 17 year old fan.

Onto the petty side of things…

The Teen Choice Awards either have no foresight or know exactly what they’re doing, and have gone ahead and nominated both One Direction and Zayn Malik in the same category this year: Choice Hottie. Ugh.

Considering tension is still rife between those who prefer Zayn and those who prefer 1D, it’d be a potentially low move on the TCA’s part if they capitalize on what was no doubt a traumatic decision for the band, and Zayn, just to build up a sense of rivalry between the two.

Finally, if you haven’t checked twitter in a week or so, you’ve missed out on Zayn’s latest adventures as a normal 22 year old. Last time, he tried out nose piercing and head shaving. This time he’s discovered hair dye.

Zayn made worldwide news, and became the top trending topic, when his fiancee Perrie Edwards uploaded this photo to her instagram:


A photo posted by Perrie Edwards ✌️🌻 (@perrieeele) on

Clearly, Perrie doesn’t approve.

The internet responded promptly with memes:

But Malik wasn’t quite finished yet. Shortly after Perrie told in an interview that the boy-bander had already dyed his hair orange, Zayn posted another selfie on his own twitter account a few hours ago, revealing a platinum blonde do this time:

Pics or it didn’t happen:

What quarter life crisis event will Zayn conquer next? Unemployment anxiety? Student loan debts?

And that’s what you missed on Glee.