“I am simply less of a ‘name’ and less in demand than I was in 2008, which has negatively affected my income.”


Kevin Federline formally asks Britney Spears for more money in their ongoing child support legal battle.

In case you’re not up to speed with Britney and Kevin’s ongoing child support battle, there’s been a lot of back and forth.


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After the initial report broke detailing Kevin’s legal request to up his monthly child support from $20,000, there was speculation the Glory singer was angered. Days later, a separate story claimed she was leaning towards agreeing to pay more simply because she didn’t want to deal with the stress of it. But the pop star reportedly changed her mind. Dad Jamie, who oversees much of Britney’s personal affairs, pushed back demanding to know why exactly Kevin needed more money. Kevin’s reps claim now that Britney is making more money, Kevin deserves more. $20,000 more per month in addition to the $20,000 he currently receives (a grand total of $40,000 per month).

That didn’t fly with Team B. According to a report from Us Weekly, Britney’s people formally rejected Kevin’s request.

“Kevin seems to believe it’s fair and much lower than what a judge would order based on her income,” an ~insider~ close to Britney tells the mag. Another inside said Britney’s side “believe[s] this is nothing but a shameless money grab. Kevin hasn’t had a full-time job in a long time. He just continues to sponge off Britney.”

Now Kevin is pulling out the big guns.

He wrote a letter, published by The Blast, detailing that he can’t financially support himself & his six children feels he deserves a bigger cut from Britney.

See what Exhale is saying about this!

“I work as a DJ. My income this year is approximately $3,000 per month, which I earn by traveling to various entertainment venues around the country and providing musical entertainment,” he says. “My income has changed significantly since the child support was last modified in approximately 2008 because I no longer earn a six-figure income like I did in 2008. I am no longer able to perform as a dancer due to my age, and I have not been as successful in putting out new music as I was in 2008. I am simply less of a ‘name’ and less in demand than I was in 2008, which has negatively affected my income.”


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It’s worth mentioning K-Fed earns less than 1% of what Britney makes per year (around $34,000,000 per year). 

At least, that’s the estimated amount.

K-Fed’s lawyer served Britney – demanding she list her annual income, but when she returned the forms she refused to reveal the dollar amount nor did she submit her tax returns.

Federline says there is “an extreme disparity between the lifestyle enjoyed by the parties’ minor children in [Spears’] home and in [Federline’s] home.”

Via The Blast, the legal doc says:

Petitioner [Britney] is a single woman who lives alone in a 13,264 square foot Neoclassical Italianite villa on 21 acres of land in a gated community with an elevator, a library, a media/game room, 3,500 bottle wine cellar, an additional 1,200 square foot pool house, an orchard, resort-sized pool and spa, lighted tennis court and three-green golf course. In contrast, Respondent lives with his wife, his two minor children from his current marriage, the two minor children he shares with Petitioner and two minor children from a previous relationship in a 2,000 square foot home. Petitioner has private chefs, tutors, caretakers, security and countless household staff available to the parties’ minor children. The children have numerous “toys” including ATV’s, every video game system imaginable, i-Pads, laptops, and the best and abundance of clothing, technology and consumer goods. The children vacation multiple times a year with Petitioner, including the finest 5-star resorts in such luxury destinations as, by way of example, the Hawaiian Islands. Respondent cannot afford to take the minor children on vacation or purchase the consumer goods unendingly provided to the minor children by Petitioner while in her custodial care. The parties’ minor children are not able to accommodate having their 15 friends over to Respondent’s house for a sleepover due to a lack of space. There exists an extreme disparity between the lifestyle enjoyed by the parties’ minor children in Petitioner’s home and in Respondent’s home.

K-Fed added he Kevin he requires “an upward modification of child support” so that he can “secure housing and services they require to be able to meet the needs of the parties’ minor children while they are in [Federline’s] custody.”

So let me get this straight: K-Fed wants to continue his lifestyle of not working, right? That’s basically what this all means? K-Fed wants to sit at home and chill and not work like the rest of the entire world (including Britney)? Cool cool cool and good luck with that.

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