South Korean girl group BP RaNia took it instead.

The writers of Glory bonus track “Mood Ring” also offered Britney Spears a demo titled “Breathe Heavy.”

The princess of pop decided to hold off on recording the pop gem (wahhh), but it was specifically crafted with her in mind. It was written by Jon Asher, Melanie Fontana & Michel Schulz.

Asher tells BreatheHeavy: “The song was originally intended as a demo for Britney Spears during the Glory era,” he says. “We wanted to develop a concept that would connect with the Britney Army. (Every Britney fan knows of”

Asher added: “I myself am an avid reader of your website and we felt like “Breathe Heavy” was the perfect way to allude to the fans. In the end, Britney recorded another demo of ours, “Mood Ring”, which became the Japan promotional single – a dream come true!”

Fortunately, it’s no longer sitting on the cutting room floor; South Korean girl group BP RaNia took it instead, and it’s a masterpiece (obviously). It’s available in both Korean and English versions on BP RaNia’s 7th digital single album, Refresh 7th. Listen:

They even started performing the track on television. Check those out below:

Alright, didn’t get its very own track on Glory, but it there was potential there and that’s half the battle. Huge shout-out to Jon Asher, Melanie Fontana & Michel Schulz for the mad love!

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