The court hearing scheduled for this morning has come to a close according to TMZ. In order for Britney to receive more rights, she must attend her next deposition, which has just been scheduled for the first week of January.

Britney’s custody rights are still restricted until the next court hearing which was originally scheduled for January 23rd, but the vulture Mark Vincent Kaplan asked for more time to review Britney’s under oath deposition. The next big court hearing is scheduled for February 19th, 2008. This court hearing will discuss Britney’s deposition she would be giving in January.

“The custody arrangements haven’t changed,” court rep Alan Parachini said after the hearing.

The judge subpoenaed a paparazzi video of Britney at a gas station, which was the same day as her anxiety attack causing her to miss her deposition. TMZ claimed Britney was partying that night. Clearly TMZ didn’t bother to take their head out of their *** as there are many sources with pictures proving Britney laid low at home all day, made a quick stop at a gas station in the evening, followed by a night at her home away from home at the Four Seasons. I think it is unfair that Kevin’s team gets to use paparazzi videos as evidence, when there is none against him. Not Britney’s fault nobody has an interest in Fed-ex! Is this a fair and just trial? Mark your calendars for February 19th, and keep your fingers crossed.

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