We’re going to miss you, Britney.

This Leg's Final Britney Spears Piece Of Me Show - Sep. 9

Britney’s last Piece Of Me show is tonight (until next month).

We might sound a bit dramatic seeing as Britney’s next leg kicks off in October (Oct. 14 to be exact), but she’s been killing it so hard this run we’re a bit sad to see her go. Lucky for us, Britney is returning to Vegas in 2016 with another batch of shows and will most likely continue for at least a year (if not two… or more). We’re still waiting on an official announcement, but where there’s smoke… there’s FIYA!

Plus, Brit might take the opportunity to re-vamp the show considering she’s recording her new album. Word on the street says she’s even filmed a music video for it. Until then, we’ll have to enjoy Piece Of Me for what it is: 20 flawless songs that ignites the nostalgia deep within us.

See photos of Britney performing last Saturday’s show here and that night’s Meet & Greets here.

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I never promised you a happy ending
You never said you wouldn’t make me cry
But summer love will keep us warm long after
Our autumn goodbye, autumn goodbye, autumn goodbye