This Is The First Britney Spears Music Post In 2015

How should we kick off Monday and the first real week of 2015? With an update about Britney’s musical endeavors, duh.

The thought of new Britney music debuting this year might be more exciting than the music itself. I said might. The build-up and anticipation is half the fun thanks to rumors constantly floating around (in Exhale, register now).

Over the weekend, an ~insider~ who’s proven to be right in the past, kyle, made a few comments in Exhale (register now) about the state of Britney in pop music.

He says some of the key things recently reported about Britney are true.

So, what’s gone down?

There’s her song on Giorgio Moroder’s upcoming album, described to be a “different sound” for Brit Brit with a disco ’70s vibe out in March.

Then there’s Britney’s lead single with Iggy Azalea apparently out this month. It’s rumored the song has an EDM vibe, but that was shot down by Mr. Insider.

And then William Orbit’s cryptic messages I refuse to spend time deciphering. He might be working on the new record, I really don’t know.

Whatever the case may be, Britney IS releasing new music and will alter human beings’ relationship to pop in new and profound ways. Now, if she’ll promote her work (*****) and expose it to the masses is an entirely different question. Someone tap Brit on the shoulder and say, “Hey Britney, you say you wanna lose control? Come over here I got somethin’ to show ya” and hand her Jennifer Lopez’s promo schedule.

Get ready to lose your **** because OMG NEW BRITNEY MUSIC!