First of all, I don’t know what they said in that 2003 taping of TRL to make Britney say “awww” (too lazy to look it up), but I can’t stop staring at the chick behind her. It kind of looks like whatever they said made her **** her pants and she’s not sure what to do.

Anyway… more tips leading to a possible Britney-TRL finale performance have again come to light, confirming the story posted exclusively by that she is not only attending it’s final taping on November 16th, but that she will perform!

One of the fans who attended MTV’s “Britney Fans: For The Record” taping (which BreatheHeavy announced as well. What? I’m in a cocky mood as always today) has revealed that MTV producers confirmed she was in fact performing.


So the Britney fan special went really well! I ended up talking about Sometimes, Oops, Crazy, My Prerogative and Boys because they ended up being the least commented on so I volunteered for those. It was lots of fun and the producers were really cool. Then, I had to record a message for Brit. I was a big *** dork. It was cool to meet other fans though! The producers said that Brit is scheduled to be on TRL, but TRL is scheduling it around her; it’s up to her to show and pick the date.

More speculation, but everyone and their mom is confirming this to me.

“Britney and her management have been in talks for her to perform on TRL’s finale on November 16th,” a separate source close to MTV revealed exclusively to last week. “MTV and their casting directors have picked the date in November specifically for Britney so she could appear, and co-inside with the album release a few weeks later.”

In addition to this, a Los Angeles based ad agency company, who are funding part of the TRL grand finale, also claims Britney IS performing at the finale special on November 16th in an exclusive statement to BH:

“MTV came into our offices and presented upcoming programming and indeed, confirmed from the MTV Representatives themselves that Britney will not only be appearing, but performing on the Finale,” says the source to BreatheHeavy. “Essentially, the information was divulged to us to get us Advertisers to sponsor the show.”

MTV isn’t helping matters by hinting at a possible Britney performance in their latest Britney post saying: “And stay tuned for a very big TRL announcement.”

Well… we’re ready!

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