Watch Demi Lovato’s entire set plus see what Jenkins told press at the festival about their collabo.

Jenkins says one thing lead to another and before he knew it flew into Las Vegas to perform with Demi Lovato.

Lovato asked the iHeartRadio music festival-goers mid-performance if they were ’90s kids, but was met with a lukewarm reaction. She re-phrased the question, instead asking if anyone is a fan of the ’90s, to which the audience cheered for the sake of moving the bit along. She introduced Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins for their performance together of the band’s famous hit single “Jumper.”

“I had written a positive review about one of her songs for a British publication, which allowed me to use wit and irony, with a positive outcome,” Jenkins told press at the iHeartRadio festival on Friday (Sep. 18) of how the collaboration came about. “It turns out she was a fan of our new album, ‘Dopamine.’ She picked the song and that’s that.”

When asked what it was like working with Demi, Jenkins sarcastically responded saying “it’s like toast and butter for breakfast. It’s delicious, and so satisfying.”

As for the rumor their recent record is the final LP? Sort of true. “It’s the final Third Eye Blind LP. Long Play*. It’s like that Jay Z ********. It worked for him!”

He adds, “making an LP… there’s a reason why rock stars die or stall out at 27. You know what it is? It’s ******* LPs is what it is, because making those things is a pain in the ***. Now I love them, it’s the artform that I love most like opening an LP, I’m really glad that vinyl has come back into existence and is thriving, but the act of making one where you second guess yourself and go into this whole self-hate over and over and over again and then amass 45/50 songs as I did for ‘Dopamine,’ then have the band break up, start up and get chemistry over again, then suddenly five ******* years goes by and you say ‘wait, why don’t we just put out the songs the same way we wrote them since everyone is going to listen to them individually anyway.’ A light bulb goes off in this dim witted tiny, tiny little brain of mine that says, ‘yes, because your happiness quotient, Steven, will actually increase if when you write a song you just record it and you post it.”

He adds if the band decides to put out an EP down the road, then that’s what they’ll do.

Check out Lovato’s entire set, which included “Cool For The Summer,” “Really Don’t Care,” “Heart Attack” and “Give Your Heart A Break” along with her collaboration alongside Jenkins below: