Hi guys, im sitting here, listening to “I Cant Get No Satisfaction” and eating extremely expensive chocolate left over from christmas (which by the way i hope you had a brilliant one)…

Anyways after reading the article below called “Undercover Singer” i felt in the need to become the sobby jackass that i am and write paragraph upon paragraph of absolute jibber jabber, but i hope you enjoy it…..

I among many others can safely say they know everything about Miss (sorry) Mrs Britney Spears, but I ask you, do we really. And I also ask you, is it our business to know. Surely there is a gap when there is a certain part of us that needs to be ours, and not spread across ever tabloid in the world. I ask should 2 people have a battle about how much they know about someone, should someone judge someone they havent ever met, should someone go with the words of some journalist from some office block who is only out to make a buck or two… Should someone be able to say, i hate her, just because they dont like the way they look, or sound. After all, only a minute segmant of the 6,000,000,000 people that inhabit this earth actually know this person for who they really are.

So let me ask you do you really know all there is to know about Britney Spears, can you really make judgement apon her, can you honestly say that you are perfect, can you honestly even say that you know what perfect is. See in my mind perfect is something that has no flaws, no design faults, makes no mistakes and has the perfect body. Can you honestly say that you have the perfect body, facial features, personality, skin, voice, hair, dress sense and aura… Can you?

When i look at a picture of Britney Spears – say for example the candids from the 26th December 2004 – i dont scan the picture for “design faults” i dont look at her thinking, what was she thinking wearing that, how could she gain so much weight. Because truthly i dont think i have the right too, i cant say i have the perfect body, or dress sense, or skin, or hair, so why should i be able to critisise someone for such petty things… I dont look at someone and think, what a *****, she is showing her legs to much, or hmm shes got a chubby stomach, and think because of this she is a disgraceful person. When people say such things as these, i think they are kinda selfish, do they not think that this person has a heart, with real feelings, and with people around them that care and arent hurt by evil comments. Would you like to go to school and have everyone crowd round and pick you apart for petty things, like your clothes, because if you imagine that, it isnt nice, but Britney Spears has to put up with that pretty much every day. Sure you might say, she should make more of an effort, but they should she. She doesnt have to do anything she doesnt want to, and she should have to feel pressured into doing something just to make some people happy. The only thing she needs to do, is make herself happy. And when hundreds of people around you are shouting evil comments it makes it hard for you to focus on good things. Just because someone says something, doesnt make it true…. For a wacky example, i could say, i created the earth, and just because i have said this doesnt make it true. In a more real context, Us Weekly magazine could say Britney Spears’ wedding was trashy and tastless, but because they have said this doesnt make it true…

We were given minds to think for ourselfs!

Anywayz getting back to the point, we shouldnt make someone feel as though they need to sacrafice theyre whole life just to please us, we shouldnt pressure someone to put all the effort into making thereselves look good, if they want to they can, but they shouldnt feel as though it is a complusary task…

We need to let Britney Spears have her life as hers, and her music ours, if she chooses to give us more and its on her own accord we should treasure it as a special privalegde, and not think of it as a nesassery feature. We need to respect peoples privacy, and let people live. And NOT judge people on half the facts, and not on their appearance… But on their personality. And if we are given a peice of themselves eg, music video, tour, single, we shouldnt be greedy and demand more, we should be grateful and treasure that of which we are given!

Just because the pesona given appears strong, doesnt mean the true pesona is!

I feel like i have gotten so much of my chest saying this, and i am so grateful toward Jordan for giving me the privalege of being able to express my opinion and give back to the Britney comunity…. Thanks dude…. I also in no way at all mean to pick on anyone, or upset anyone, i am just stating my opinion.

Once again, thank you for your time, and i thank you for listen to me jibber jabber… mmmm this chocolates good, and its now onto Girl In The Mirror, lol! Written By Me

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